Volume Zone Oscillator Strategy

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When the current candle closed at -90 or +90 level we enter the next trade for a reversal. This -90 and +90 are virtual Oversold/ overbought levels. You can decide that. Sometimes I use 95/-95 and also -100/100. It’s up to you. Consider the strategy you are building and implement these indicators for your strategy.

2 reviews for Volume Zone Oscillator Strategy

  1. Sakurako

    You are crazy dude. Who thought an oscillator can be used like this. Thanks for the strategy

  2. Noah

    best indicator in whole world wide web for reversal traders. trust me i’ve looked everywhere

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This strategy is based on Volume Zone Oscillator (VZO). All of these strategies I present to you, are created using individual indicators because I can give you a clear idea about the indicator. you are free to combine several indicators and strategies together and comment down below what your findings are.

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