IQ Option Scam or Not 2020 ?

iq option scam or not

IQ Option Scam

Let’s pretend for a moment that I am a Binary Option Hater. And this is how i’m gonna answer our question today. “IQ Option Scam or Not?”

A typical Binary Options Hater will write this article like this;

Betting or Gambling with Binary Options

Binary options in which you bet on whether a currency or stock or commodity and so on. Will go up or go down or reach a certain price etc within a short time frame. for example you might make a bet that the US dollar will rise versus the euro exactly one minute from now.

Why are traders tempted by binary Options?

Binary options might seem tempting because oftentimes you can start with a small amount of money and brokers sometimes offer signup bonuses. but if you read the fine print you might find that there’s a catch for example you might be required to trade a large amount of money before you can withdraw your funds.

IQ Option Scam : Trading or Gambling?

Personally I don’t claim to be able to predict where any stock currency or commodity will go within the next day not to mention the next hour or the next minute. I find such a short-term price movements to be essentially random besides as you’ll see in the next topic the house, which is the broker has built as a built-in advantage that will most likely cause you the trader to lose money over a large number of trades.

let’s take a look at these screen captures I’ve collected from various places around the web various for binary options websites. this one has more offers an eighty-one percent pay out and if that sounds like a lot I mean that’s actually pretty good for these binary options brokers. but think about it what that means is that .

let’s say you bet a hundred dollars on the direction of the euro versus the US dollar alright so, if you’re right then you win 81 dollars. if you’re wrong then you lose a hundred dollars. the hundred that you that you bet. ok so if you keep making trades like this over a long period of time. it’s it’s an uphill battle. I don’t see how anybody could really expect to to do well.

iq option scam

If every time you make a bet you every time you win you get 81 dollars and every time you lose you lose a hundred dollars. that just doesn’t make sense to me. here’s another one and here the payout is eighty percent here’s another one that boasts eighty-five percent that’s that’s better but still if that sounds good to you again I mean think about it how would you like to have to deal with losing on average fifteen percent over a long period of time. It just doesn’t make sense.

This one offers eighty-three percent this one seventy-six percent. I mean that to me that’s just terrible yeah if if if you if you’re walking down the street and you met somebody and he says all right I’m going to flip this coin and if it’s if it lands on heads you win 70 i’ll give you $76 that lands on tails you have to give me a $100 . would you take that bet? I mean come on and i’m not saying that you know the movement of gold for example is as random as a coin flip but again over a large number of coin flips or are or over a large number of trades you’re really a huge disadvantage

Here’s from another website where you can see some of the payouts are 81% this one is 76% this one 65% percent. not too good so put the odds in your favor the choice is yours but i would rather put the odds in the investors favor not the brokers.

IQ Option Scam? No it's not

Different people have different point of views. Some people hate binary options. some people hate Forex. People like me like both. 

For those who hate binary options and says it’s gambling. think like this. You are selling something. Let’s say you bought a iphone for $1000 and selling it for $1200. and you make a profit of $200. is it gambling ?