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IQ Option is a Leading Platform for Binary Options, Forex,  Stocks, ETFs & Options Trading. This award winning Investing Platform Provides IQ Option APK for Android and Also available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

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What is the IQ option app?

IQ Options is a Online Trading platform. It Provides Android app and Apple IOS App for Mobile Users. IQ Option has became one of the top investing platforms on Finance category on Google Play Store. This app allows you to trade on the way using your mobile phone.

How do you download IQ?

According to Official IQ Option Download Page you can download IQ Options App for any Platform. Including Windows, Mac OS, Android, IOS.


Get Official IQ Options APK
For Android .apk 73.9 mb


Get Official IQ Options ios
For Apple IOS. iPhone & iPad


Get Official IQ Option android
For Android Mobile Phones


Get Official IQ Option For Windows Computers
For Windows .msi 19.6 Mb

Mac OS

Get Official IQ Option For Apple Computers
For macOS .dmg 31.6 Mb
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Can IQ option be trusted?

Yes Absolutely. Check out their achievements and awards. This is why IQ Option is Unbeatable. It’s the best of it’s kind.

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Is IQ option free?

Yes Free to use. IQ Option gives $10,000 Demo Account for testing. After that when you are confident enough you can deposit real money starting from $10.

Is IQ Options safe?

Short answer is yes. IQ Options is safe. Just imagine IQ Options process 1.3 Million Trades per day. 20 million withdrawals per month. You don’t have to worry about anything. IQ Options is 100% Safe.

How do you use IQ options for beginners?

If you are a beginner for any trading Platform. and you have zero knowledge about how financial markets works. Start from here. One of the best online resources out there. And if you like to trade binary options without any knowledge. We have fully automated Binary Options bot for iq option platform.

Is IQ option legal in US?

No. Due to some Financial laws in USA. IQ Option is not 100% legal in USA the reason is they don’t accept any traders from the USA regions. IQ Option is regulated in the EU ans based in Cyprus. According to U.S law, Only brokers that have been regulated by CFTC are the allowed for the USA traders.

Where is IQ option located?

IQ Option Owned by IQ Options Europe Ltd and they are based in Cyprus.

How much money can you make on IQ option?

It defends on your Strategy and money management principles. check this hashtag on social media for weekly IQ Options winners.#IQWeek 

For example here’s last week’s Best & Worst Traders.


How long does IQ option withdrawal take?

Initially it will take 2-3 Days. And Most of the time within 24 hours. They Records shows average of 11 hours. If you are a VIP member of IQ Option. You will get withdrawals sooner than regular users

How do I withdraw money from IQ option?

These are the Steps to Withdraw Money from IQ Option

  • Go to IQ Option website (
  • Sign in to your account
  • On the right upper corner click on the user icon
  • select “withdraw Funds” From down down menu
  • Click your preferred payment system
  • Follow Instructions given

How do I change my IQ currency?

Unfortunately there is no direct way of doing this. You need to close your current account and open a new account if you need to change your IQ currency. Also keep in mind if you close your account your VIP status will be loss and you need to verify your account again from the begining.

How do you beat IQ option?

Practice. Practice and Practice. Until you master a strategy do your trades with virtual money. once you are confident enough use real money. Always keep it in your mind. Your emotions are your worst enemy. Try to do some meditation exercises before trading. This will help you to calm your mind and make better choices. Don’t fall for Greed. Think twice and think again and again before using real money. And there’s a saying

Don't risk what you can't afford to lose


How do I verify my IQ options account?

You will get a notification on your App. click on that and follow instructions. Once you submit required documents it will take 3-5 business days to successfully verify your iq options account

Can binary options make you rich?

Think of it like another business. Now ask the question again. Can this Business make me rich? . someone will say if you work hard you will. absolutely same principle apply for binary options. If you work hard. you will win.

Can you become a millionaire trading binary options?

Yes. Why stop at Millions. You can be a Billionaire if you invest properly. Analyze and invest wisely.

Are binary options gambling?

Unfortunately there are few scam websites. That’s why people get this negative idea. If binary option is gambling. Every business in arbitrage business model is gambling. If buying and selling is gambling. No business will ever exist

What is the minimum amount to withdraw from IQ options?

You can deposit $10 minimum or equivalent in other currency. Withdrawals are as low as $1.

What is the minimum deposit for IQ option?

$10 is the minimum deposit for IQ Option

Is IQ option good for forex?

If you are bored looking at Old Meta Trade 4 (MT4) charts try iq option forex for a change. I promise you will love it.Up to 1:500 Leverage and no swaps. check it out